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name: Sandra
firstname: blackwood
email: sandrablackwood37(a)
date: 11.15.2022
Thanks a lot! great stuff
name: Blue
firstname: Blue Nexus
email: webmail08(a)
date: 11.14.2022
Stef Natural Phenomenom - Perfect to sleep to.
name: Kuba
date: 02.09.2019
~17 years ago I met someone on IRC that gave me the files that I just found out I still have on my drive:
I got the covers as well.
Played them and they blew my mind once again. Thank you.
name: Marcin
date: 03.21.2018
15+ years and I still listening your mixes. Thank you for this pieces of art.
name: lukap
email: hex1981(a)
date: 05.03.2017
why this gr8 site is no more active? :(((
name: Mut
date: 03.15.2017
I've been listening to your mixes for over ten years now (man, I feel old), and they're still my favorite chill-out tunes. Thanks so much!
name: Chalon
firstname: Georges
email: georgeschalon(a)
date: 03.11.2014
super site ! Très belle réalisation.
name: klopp
firstname: hajo
email: kennerblick(a)
date: 01.07.2014
cool mixes!
name: Jacky
email: jaqueline1993(a)
date: 12.13.2013
Great Website! Pls send me more information to :) thx in advance!
name: Eustache
firstname: Lapistache
email: Eustache.Lapistache(a)
date: 11.14.2013
Nice Site !
firstname: dan
email: dan . condurache (a) yahoo . com
date: 10.08.2013
awesome mixes just awesome, I grew up with your mixes, thank you so much, I can't believe the website still exists \:D/
name: Rohid
firstname: Jhedesemo
email: rohid.jhedesemo(a)
date: 05.15.2013
nice site
name: Algebris
email: algebris(a)
date: 11.01.2012
Hey bros! Do you still mixing? it would be great to listen something new? What are you plannig to do?
Keep it cool, your music is great!
name: Nick
date: 08.17.2011
I like your site! Thank you very much. My cats like it too. Or they would if they could sit still long enough to browse it.
name: alfas 800
firstname: alfas
date: 05.24.2011
After so many years I'm still listing at these track. They lift you to a higher level !
Mystik , downdreaming, Mental voices ar the max ! good work. Where are some new mixes ?? :-)
name: Payne
firstname: Angelico
date: 10.18.2010
After all these years still the best mixes
name: D:Styles
date: 09.30.2010
You can check out my (not so) new mix on DI at:
name: gundimeda
firstname: vijaymohanao
email: vmr_g(a)
date: 11.09.2009
This Trance4ever is good site for download... Thanks. i am able to down load...from India
name: Rho
firstname: Ronald
email: sjaak(a)
date: 09.15.2009
The best I can find in chilloutmixes is right here :o
I heard you on and started looking.
name: Frieswijk
firstname: Floris
email: floris.frieswijk(a)
date: 02.22.2009
Hello, all the download links are down :( What a pity. If any of the originators of the site read this: if space is the problem, I could host the files and we just have to update the links on this site. Thanks for all the wonderful mixes!
name: Spirit
date: 01.13.2009
Hi guys, my will go offline some of the very next days. It's been a long time I hosted them. :) I am ending my hosting plan and don't have the space elsewhere, that's why.
firstname: Dieter
date: 12.05.2008
Great Tunes, I love them!
Music changes moods - keep on!
name: Tron2R
firstname: Luc
date: 11.15.2008
Great website, thx for sharing you exellent tunes
10 +++
name: Normal Person
date: 10.05.2008
Just caught some of Nagira's work on, and wanted to say how much I loved it. Keep up the great work!
name: lenux
date: 09.24.2008
mais ou sont ils passé bougredieu!!!
name: avian
date: 06.17.2008
hi you are great, i love your mixes, pls make more in the future
name: S.C.Sprong
email: scsprong(a)
date: 03.19.2007
I've been a fan for years, especially of Stephan Menardais.
Please keep on going.
BTW, could you please make Nagira's 'Emotion' available for download? I've only heard it once on a webradio station.
name: Lemagnen
firstname: Gilles
date: 01.26.2007
J'adore :)
name: Mike
email: rapanuy(a)
date: 12.11.2006
Hi there.
thx for the wonderful music I found on your site.
Songs like Morlacks Lounge Session, Timan-unlimited love, MrCams Goa Sessions or Stefs just_believe_in_trance & mental_voicez are great.

Thx and keep on going.
name: Erik
firstname: Erik
email: tellerik(a)
date: 09.21.2006
thanks spirit! I've been trying to download stef for the last two years
name: Milton
firstname: Milton
date: 08.30.2006
Nice sound! Greetz
name: thomas
date: 08.27.2006
thanks Spirit, havent been able to download from for days
name: Spirit
firstname: Hannes
email: spirit(a)
date: 08.19.2006
Fast download mirror:
name: Lair
date: 07.21.2006
Stef, ton dernier mix est vraiment un des plus aboutis. Je ne me rappelle pas avoir écouté les autres autant de fois sans me lasser un peu. Le rythme berce, ni trop présent, ni trop peu. Les nappes des morceaux choisis sont excellentes. Pfuuu. A se demander ou tu trouves autant d'artistes plus ou moins inconnus qui sortent ces perles !
A quand le prochain :)
firstname: Mike
date: 07.05.2006
Just believe in trance by Stef
club - 03.2003 - 75'24
Great music, nice beats. Thx alot from germany to this song :-)))
name: Eriser
date: 06.05.2006
encore ! que du bon allé !
name: Spirit
firstname: Hannes
email: spirit(a)
date: 04.30.2006
In reply/addition to the previous entry: I could host those mixes for you. Just need to get them. :)
(If only you guys would have mixed in lossless quality... Aww!)
name: Ben
email: dragonswork(a)
date: 02.01.2006
I love the music - I can't get enough. If it's possible, I would love to get a collection of all your releases with the covers/labels. Great stuff...
name: ron s
firstname: ron s
email: ksbos(a)
date: 01.16.2006
To Mr Cam and Stef,
This website is a blessing,
I feel that the chillout music you have both created is so powerful that it can move planets.
I believe that your scope of imagination is truly awesome, divine.
I am Very grateful that you allow free downloading of your music.
Not many people are willing to do so much for the pleasure of others, and those that do will easily find happiness.
May heaven bless you both, Thank you once again.
name: stephane (STEPH_M)
firstname: Masset
email: sardomunsp(a)
date: 01.08.2006
Salut !!
UN petit coucou au codeur fou , et mixeur fou lol ..
Bien sympa vos mix sur certains (MRcam streaming) j'ai retrouver une influence massive atttack et d'autres trucs
C'est cool !!!
Bon steff à bientôt..... sur GTRO

name: Valaraukar
firstname: Adam
email: support(a)pixelforge,
date: 12.13.2005
Superb work! heard maya by stef on di fm . . and made my way here.
There is one technical problem you may not be aware of, but it looks like the majority of morlack's mixes have been taken offline as it appears the domain has lapsed.
name: -.-
firstname: -.-
email: ttd(a)
date: 12.10.2005
Heeey Stef... You know what? I've downloaded Natural Phenomena loooong time ago, like about 3 yrs ago from somebody on soulseek.. and i really liked it.. and today i played in the morning, and a thought came into my mind, that maybe you made something more than just a single mix.. and i was right ! ive landed on this website and im downloading mixes since morning like crazy... i havent tried any of psy/goa but downloaded A New Planet, Maya, Real Dream... Damn man you fuckin choose the right tracks... im hell impressed by your work.. and one funny thing - i choose similar trax in my sets.. :P Like all raja ram's flute stuff, saudate, flute fruit, day turned into night, exhalation.. jaia trax.. anubis invocation damn man those are one of my fav tracks.. keep up the good job, u land in my bookmarks !
name: Jim
firstname: Jim
email: jimfing(a)
date: 11.19.2005
Just posting to show my support...
and to say that thanks to for opening my mind to new kinds of music I could never have imagined.
name: Thomas
email: thibolt(a)
date: 10.12.2005
Anyone out there know where to find Ambient Vibes?

-!- ask it to Espe directly -- MrCam -!-
name: HessellK
firstname: Hessell
email: hessellk(a)
date: 10.12.2005
MrCam: I don't know what you said to Darin Styles, but whatever it was sure made for a great new mix (Trance Styles 2). It is awesome. Even though you said his first attempt was bad, could you include it on this site so we can hear the growth of this upcoming DJ

-!- sorry but no. like in painting, you see the finished work and not the outlines. regards. -- MrCam -!-
name: Phillip Owen
firstname: Phil
email: phil.owen(a)
date: 10.08.2005
I noticed that the servers that you are using or more like the internet provider is extremely slow. Please forward me how much space you require for the music and I will look at hosting a faster FTP server/site for you.
name: Capital T
email: mcgiver73(a)
date: 09.27.2005
Just stopping by to show support.. Capital T™
name: Joe
date: 09.16.2005
HI Guys - this is best site ever !! :))) Keep going.
Btw : is Nagira - emotion also available soon, or where can i find it ?
name: Peti
date: 08.10.2005
I've accidentally found this place, but that was my biggest fortune. ;) I like all music of this type (goa, trance, chill, ambient etc.) very much. Really great work Guys. Respect!
Keep mixin'! :)
name: star
firstname: lelu
date: 08.09.2005
very good job guys i love you
name: Poulin
firstname: Louis
email: pirlouit
date: 08.09.2005
Salut MrCam,
Je ne me souviens plus si je t'ai déjà remercié pour tes mixs! Mon préféré est Mindfeeling, mais il m'en reste plein à écouter! M'enfin, celui-là est vraiment génial et je joue souvent à l'ordi en l'écoutant. T'as déjà pensé faire des sound track de jeu?
T'es rendu où sinon? Donne des nouvelles d'ici à ce qu'on se recroise au Québec ou en France!
Je suis content de voir que tu continues à créer des mixs!
name: Spirit
firstname: Hannes
email: spirit(a)
date: 07.05.2005
Hi there! I just want to let you know that I uploaded Stef - Maya to my webspace. It will stay there as long as I have that space (at least 1 year, since I paid in prior ;). The url is .
You might ask why I do this... Well, this mix is the best chillmix I've heard yet. I want to give something back to you. And since the current servers are quite slow (or full), this seemed to be a nice gesture :)
You're welcome to add the url to the download list!
Regards, Spirit
name: Diaz
firstname: Pascal
email: pascaldiaz_duran(a)
date: 06.22.2005
Allez les bleus! Mes salutations et mes respects, l'ambiance de vos mixes est superbe!
J'suis au point d'ouvrir un café dans une plage du pacifique méxicain jamais vous voulez faire un p'tit tour des terres aztéques n'hésitez pas!
De México: Pascal
name: LilaMona
date: 06.18.2005
Félicitation pour Uqeti, pas si tranquille que ça
name: annapurna
email: applefarmers
date: 06.16.2005
OK ....there's the mix I asked for ...and then then there is Eden...Seriously mind blowing beyond the normal borders... no really...above and beyond....over and ontop anyone could ask for....If you are are a serious lover then listen to this...
H*ly Sh* your boundries...
thx evil druid
name: annapurna
email: applefarmers(a)
date: 06.15.2005
Thx for the referal molack...and I hope you do post the retrodelica twisted series.
keep spinning.
firstname: Steph
email: stephane(a)
date: 06.12.2005
J'ai écouté quelques uns de vos mixes Chillout et Goa et c'est du très bon boulot.
Continuer comme cela les gars.
firstname: davor
date: 06.10.2005
great mixes! really! thank you!!!
name: Emilian
email: emimartin766(a)
date: 06.02.2005
Really great work! Could it be possible to add the elapsed time of each track? Keep making such a good mix!

-!- thanks! it is not possible for the simple reason that in a mix, tracks are mixed -- MrCam -!-
name: Verdin
firstname: Andre
email: djfullstudio(a)
date: 05.27.2005
" Uqeti" ....une merveille de créativité....un tremplin vers bien d'autres réussite.....trés adapté a mon nouveau environnement culturel...a prendre en exemple svp....
email: ajschneller(a)
date: 05.19.2005
you guys have some killer mixes, i love the chillout downtempo ambient psy goa mixes you guys put together. You should come to burning man in Nevada at the end of August, camp with us and play/party/dance for/with us! Check us out at
we're a new camp at burning man, all psy trance and looking for trance artists, and psy travelers.
thanks for the downloads!

Aj Schneller
Tucson, Arizona
firstname: Chris
date: 05.16.2005

none of the Morlack mixes is found, I always receive a 'not found on this server' message. Could you please check?
Besides that, great stuff. Continue!!!

-!- ahhhhh, damned Internet, our server is sometimes down. be patient :) -- MrCam -!-
name: fleming
firstname: david
email: davidfleming(a)
date: 05.11.2005
fantastic work. best chillout mixws available anywhere
name: chilly
date: 04.22.2005
Hey man... great site. Only one problem - Morlack - Yeti. The zip is damaged in some way.
Keep up the good work!

-!- thank you, the zip file has been corrected -- MrCam -!-
name: adnan
firstname: assaad
email: ghanmi4(a)
date: 04.20.2005
I was surprised when I found this tresor: your site web "tranceforever".. I enjoyed listening all mixes: Morlack, Nagira. BUT, I can not get stef' mixes because of downloading problems...
But I ALWAYS listen his mixes on DIGITAL IMPORTANT.FM...
... I want you to help me to get his excelent mixes...
Congratulations: trance4ever
name: mgbada igbo
firstname: igbo
email: mgbada(a)
date: 03.30.2005
very good site keep on mgbada mugu
firstname: Mat
email: mat(a)
date: 03.28.2005
Super vos mix !
Continuez comme ca ! ;)
name: Dobriansky
firstname: aleksandr
email: alex(a)
date: 03.26.2005
how can i buy stef cd's
name: DJ Dax
firstname: Dax
email: DJDAX(a)
date: 03.26.2005
Hi People
Nice website and nice mixes
keep iT up MrCaM
name: Mayer
firstname: Steffen
email: s-mayer(a)
date: 03.25.2005
I love your website.All your mixes are incredible(MR.Cam,Stef,Nagira,Morlack)
name: StES
firstname: Lelemelon
email: stes(a)
date: 03.10.2005
woohaw! wota site! realy fckin amazin! awesome! Stef, MrCam - hi frm Poland. Plz com here n make ur best;]
name: star
firstname: lelu
date: 03.10.2005
love stef forever
name: BK0089
firstname: Nemesis
email: ravecore03(a)
date: 03.26.2004
Stef, two both have a fantastic track selection, and your mixes are absolutely fantastic. Down Dreaming 3rd Movement introduced me to a whole new world of music, and I thank you for it :) I just hope you don't have any legal troubles, because all the good sites have legal problems! Ack.
Congratulations, and keep up the good work dudes!
name: vlad
date: 03.25.2004
I'm loving this music! thx creators, you rock. Specially all the steady piaces are goin well for me i listen to them when i paint, they let me concentrate so well. Springs my imagination too.
name: Eno
date: 03.25.2004
the mixes on this site are terrific! *goosebumps* :)
name: Vaporeyz
date: 03.20.2004
Loved the mixes. If you need a US hosting site, check out my page. Keep up the great work!
name: ChillBoy007
firstname: ...
date: 03.20.2004
je télécharge, tout en écoutant un mix sur (Stef - Natural Phenomena) Ca fait rêver :p J'adore, continuez :)
name: Shao
firstname: Antonio
email: shao(a)
date: 03.17.2004
really great mixes ! I found you form ! (and I listen You work a lot !
Have too many good times to come 4 You.
name: khurshid
firstname: same as above...:)
email: hello stef and hello mrcam...
date: 03.15.2004
just a shout out, amazing mixes, i am downloading the whole lot from your website, awesome, amazing stuff, keep it coming, heard it the first time on
keep up the good work and keep it coming.i will definitely let all my friends know about your mixes.
by the way, this post is coming from orange county, california.u.s.a
goodbye and take
name: Gosia & Krzysiek
firstname: Gosia & Krzysiek
email: risky21(a)
date: 03.14.2004
ZZZZaaajebista muza ! :) Pozdrowienia dla ziomkow z Polski.
BTW oby tak dalej STEF !!!
name: cub
email: hatchy(a)
date: 03.10.2004
Jeah... :)
name: Madlaker
firstname: Jason
email: jlake(a)
date: 03.08.2004
Your GOA is simply amazing, gives me chills. You have a real talent for ambient too! Keep those coming please.
name: Jimfing
firstname: Jim
email: jimfing(a)
date: 03.03.2004
Yes a pay-pal link would be a good idea - I know I'd donate :)

Love Maya BTW!
name: HidingCriminal
firstname: Evan
email: epborden(a)
date: 02.26.2004
I was reading your posts about money on DI Stef.

I'll donate.
name: Larry
date: 02.23.2004
Please Stef, Maya!!
name: Fabio Russo
firstname: deejay62
email: chnwr(a)
date: 02.17.2004
Congratulations,Stef...great music...great sensations...I want MAYA and REAL DREAM...and, why new planet it's not in MP3???..
firstname: mario
date: 02.05.2004
we want 'Maya'
we want 'Maya'
thanks from USA

name: Question
firstname: Marcus
date: 02.05.2004
Is this site legal ? Can I get in trouble for downloading these mixes ?
firstname: LilaMona
date: 02.05.2004
je t'aime

name: Manuel
email: delaflorm(a)
date: 01.28.2004
I listened on Internet Radio "A New Planet" I enjoyed it a lot. Where can I find it to listen it again? on your main page there is a broken link!

Thanks for good music.
name: Jimfing
firstname: Jim
email: jimfing(a)
date: 01.25.2004
Maya is FANTASTIC!! Please release it to the general population! :)

You should also setup a pay-pal link on this site - I would (as I'm sure other people) use it in thanks for getting such great mixes!
name: Jimfing
firstname: Jim
email: jimfing(a)
date: 01.25.2004
Maya is FANTASTIC!! Please release it to the general population! :)

You should also setup a pay-pal link on this site - I would (as I'm sure other people) use it in thanks for getting such great mixes!
name: Darth Vader
email: imperium10(a)
date: 01.21.2004
Hello ! Music is great. How can i find the "Maya" ? help me, i hear it at online-radio. Its the best what i had heared. I serch "Maya" ?
name: Darth Vader
email: imperium10(a)
date: 01.21.2004
Congratulation for "A New Planet". I love this and hear it everyday. Can you make more from this ambient goa ? your other music is also great.

greetings from germany
name: lilamona
date: 01.21.2004
mrcam, I can't wait to listen to your new goa musics. What are you doing dude? It's no time to take some holidays. Keep musiking!
name: nicholas
email: threeohm(a)
date: 01.11.2004
how do I get a look at the Tracklisting for Real Dream and New Planet by DJ Stef? Such impressive tracks - I would like to support the artists on the mixes. Who are they?
name: noph
date: 01.08.2004
I would love to see 'real dream' on this page! And btw, nice work with the other mixes.
name: halasty
email: h4l45ty(a)
date: 01.06.2004
A new planet is awsome, i heard it on chillout @ digitallyimported - great job stef - what a pitty i can't download it (to many users) :(
name: CTHINC
firstname: CTHINC
email: cthinc(a)
date: 01.06.2004
AWESOME ! Just right for my mood now ! Keep on making stuff like that !
name: Tipsy
firstname: Tipsy
email: etest60(a)
date: 01.03.2004
Outstanding mixes - extreme hip grooves. Please PLEASE post Real Dream mix. It's unfortunately missing and ranks up there with Natural Phenomena. Keep up the great work! :-)
firstname: Murat
date: 12.12.2003
These mixes are very well done. Keep up the good work! And thank you for making them available to everyone!
name: sam
email: sams3003(a)
date: 12.08.2003
Hi .. just wanted to say thx for the Goa sets they really are kewl.The rest seems quit regular so please keep up that
nice goa sound

Cheers sam
name: sherome
firstname: Davis
email: sherome(a)
date: 12.08.2003
well.. download doesnt really work (expect the remixs stuff).

Error: too much people online.
You can not download multimedia files for the moment.
We apologize for that nuisance.
Please, try again later.

name: sherome
firstname: Davis
email: sherome(a)
date: 12.08.2003
well.. download doesnt really work (expect the remixs stuff).

Error: too much people online.
You can not download multimedia files for the moment.
We apologize for that nuisance.
Please, try again later.

name: Johnny
firstname: Lee
website: New York City!
date: 12.08.2003
Steph, please to up Real Dream. It's off the hook!! I'm going bonkers!

name: Arramon
firstname: Rich
email: richard_pea(a)
date: 09.12.2003
oh Hail to the best!!
where the hell have i been?!?!
these mixes are awesome!!

keep it comin!

. ..-={Arramon}=-.. .
name: Synista
date: 09.12.2003
you guys rock!
firstname: ROB
email: rob(a)
date: 09.10.2003
Was listening to chillout radio in the early hours ( when a remix set came on, listed as 'stef - a new planet'. Never heard of this guy before. Did a quick search for a link in one of the forums and it takes me here to this site with tons of ultra-cool tunes. Perfect quality (well they are .ogg files after all!) and with the right apps (convert to AIFF) they burn to cd perfectly. Stick 'em in the car and you wanna drive all day! Keep those tunes comin'. Cheers!
name: Wagner
email: mw(a)
date: 09.06.2003
Just downloaded Stef - how do I play/hear a ".ogg" file?
name: seempe
firstname: ivan
email: ivaravva242(a)
date: 08.29.2003
tnx for the Stef-A new planet CD to download
name: -=Maluga=-
date: 08.17.2003
Some nice stuff here :)
name: wito
firstname: wito
email: themastertrance(a)
date: 07.07.2003
Que ondas coyote? _ como te va?
Ahorita estoy modificando unos codigos para datalisarlos.
firstname: JEJEJEJE
date: 07.03.2003
name: -=BS=-DjDanee{L}
firstname: Maname
email: dane1234(a)
date: 06.23.2003
This side rocks! And plz join my clan. The BS. We play Sof2 and Sof2 demo. If you got the game visit ma web-site, and join.
name: RaveGSXR
email: caterinca69(a)
date: 06.17.2003
Has anyone got Trip to Spain? It seems it's offline. I'll trade with every other mix on this website :) Just contact me on e-mail.
name: T_99
email: total_99(a)
date: 06.14.2003
More chill-out sets ;) But great ;)
name: Rave
firstname: GSXR
date: 06.12.2003
Hi guys. You are doing great job. Romanian Dream, if you are really from Romania, contact me on Yahoo Messenger (Yahoo ID: RaveGSXR). I've downloaded all their mixes.
name: sir Othbaal
email: othbaal(a)
date: 06.03.2003
Howdy for everyone :D I want to say hello to all techno maniacs :)
name: Romanian Dream
date: 05.29.2003
Hei guys U're really great! How do U get all that stuff for mixes??? There is a biiiiig problem with the conection to 'A new planet' and 'Just believe in trance'. Both of them don't work!!!!
name: Romanian Dream
date: 05.29.2003
Hei guys U're really great! How do U get all that stuff for mixes??? There is a biiiiig problem with the conection to 'A new planet' and 'Just believe in trance'. Both of them don't work!!!!
name: Wanderer for Poland
date: 05.16.2003
Godly music , nothing more to say.....

name: Arash.s
email: acitizenoftheworld(a)
date: 03.21.2003
I can't get enough of your Goa guys. But please please fix the links to the new goa sets. They're doooooown! :-(
I can't wait to download em.
Cheers for everything.
name: The Cyber´s
email: thecybers(a)
date: 03.21.2003
Great Stuff !!!

Cover for No Empathy, A new planet and Esprit GOA 4 comes later ????

Esprit GOA 4 is down :(


The Cyber´s
name: lelu
firstname: star
email: lelu_star(a)
date: 03.10.2003
yeaahhhhhhhhh stef tu dechires vraiment; tout tes mixs c trop dla balle
bon mister cam aussi tu geres bien
allez bon courages les guys
name: eMorTalz
email: shadowman_100(a)
date: 03.04.2003
welcome guys =)
name: sam
firstname: cook
email: sam(a)
date: 02.25.2003
i was very happy for the new mix from stef. thanks for this famous mix.....and the other ;) greatings from jenny fm (trance fm) germany
name: matti
firstname: mat
date: 02.21.2003
Where can I find Blue Lights - Stef but mp3
name: DJ Extacy
firstname: Rob
email: rts71(a)
website: none
date: 02.17.2003
Very goed site! The mixes are gr8!

Please keep up the gr8 job!

name: tonic
firstname: Anton
email: tonic(a)
date: 02.14.2003
I`d like to say thaks to Stef and his coloureful mixes.
Now I`ve got much, cool music.
I think you should put Hard trance music, but it`s just my opinion.
Russia Ekaterinburg
name: PapaHotel
date: 02.08.2003
name: Bane
email: hmtester(a)hotmail.cmo
date: 01.27.2003
Great mixes, any chance you guys sell these as CD's?
name: ReeZ
email: reez(a)
date: 01.26.2003
This is the best site I have ever seen!!! We want more music like this!!! You are great!!! ThX
name: matti
email: mattia.g(a)
date: 01.21.2003
We want more music like this. :P
Keep going guys.
name: Ace
email: 2211775(a)
date: 01.10.2003
Hey Your stuff Rocks !!!!
Wow ...
All my friends here in Cape Town , South Africa think you guys rock .
Can I plz ask you one favour. Or rather on request from my buds ...they desperately want the cutting for all the tracks .
Peace to you and May you keep up the good work and Goodluck with the thesis !!!!
name: Tacskó
date: 01.09.2003
Na mért nincs több zene?
name: eMorTalz
email: shadowman_100(a)
date: 12.27.2002
hey just wanna say ure site rox im lovin all ure mixes heh i nearly got em all
keep up the good work guys
name: The best
firstname: Fran
email: fran8(a)
date: 11.23.2002
Allez les gars,faites peter la trance.
name: Thorrix
email: thorrix(a)
date: 11.20.2002

I really enjoy ur site!
Keep going!
name: samantha
date: 10.30.2002
hi stef and mr cam

great news that you are going to release some more mixes.
can't wait to hear them. if any of the other mixes are to go by, then they are bound to be just as good.

keep up the good work

best wishes

name: pontzeele
firstname: mickael
email: pontzeelemickael(a)
date: 10.29.2002
pouillou c koi ce site???
name: Tanktarta
date: 10.27.2002
Two years on, and this stuff still sounds great. Blue lights was excellent, when do we get more ;-)
name: YURiKA
email: yurika_(a)
date: 10.22.2002
mmmmmmmm,I LOVE this site!!!!You re the best!!!!!!
name: Komarik
email: komarfx(a)
date: 10.15.2002
nice site check mine at
name: [DCF]Spielerna
date: 10.03.2002
Hoi ich wollte nur sagen Trance4ever!!! ^^
Goile mixes vorallem die Trance floors are very good.
ok bye
Join #DCF in IRC
name: Sally
date: 09.30.2002
big up from sister Sally. Guidance
date: 09.25.2002
name: Cocaine
firstname: A.s
email: acitizenoftheworld(a)
date: 09.22.2002
I've been downloading stuff from here for a while now. One thing I love about it is when you click a link, it gets you there EVERY TIME! nice servers!
And wicked mixes!!

Cheers guys...
name: samantha
firstname: samantha
email: not available
date: 09.18.2002
hi stef & mr cam

when are you going to bring us some more of your mixes.

i really enjoy listening to them and would love to hear something new from you

keep up the good work

name: maron diaz
firstname: marion
email: www.mariondiaz00(a)
date: 09.12.2002
hey when`s ur next show in toronto ( Need all the info

name: Creim
firstname: Wojtek
email: creim007(a)
date: 09.10.2002
STEF & Mr CAM ... They are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

invitation :P

firstname: Scanner
email: daikatana(a)
date: 09.05.2002
Fantastic Mixs! Goa ist not my Style, but the NRG-Mixs are the best i´ve ever heard. So please, go on......
name: greenvill
firstname: greenvill
email: arjen(a)
date: 08.30.2002
luv your site keep op the good work
i love the mixs my most lisend is natural phenomena
love that song
name: CTB
firstname: Cymen
email: cymen(a)
date: 08.29.2002
WOW!! If somebody like Goa and Trance, that is a really god side!! And I love both!!! Thx to u guys!
name: Totty from Kiev
email: ilka(a)
date: 08.23.2002
I didn't saw before!!!! It's very good job!!!!!
name: jopie
email: info(a)
date: 08.20.2002
the broadcast link doesnot work anymore
name: Sobel
firstname: Sobel
email: 74cqu35(a)
date: 08.17.2002
Luv that site!!! Mixs r outstanding! Good job!
name: ZeTO II
firstname: ZeTO II
email: MPGTI3(a)
date: 08.14.2002
die seite ist der absolute hammer!mega geiler trance.liebe den trance und hoffe es kommt noch viel mehr davon!liebe euch dafür!weiter so,ihr seit die besten!gruss
name: ZeTO II
firstname: ZeTo II
email: MPGTI3(a)
date: 08.14.2002
this site is great!!!!give us more from the fantastic music!i love trance!thank´s for all!!!!!
name: ZbychoS
firstname: Zbyszek
email: zbychos(a)
date: 08.08.2002
Yes. This is it. Fantastic music, site... everyone! Thx.
name: Creim
firstname: Wojtek
email: epidemic(a)
date: 07.23.2002
STEF @ MrCAM ... They are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

name: Overbored
email: Hyperjft(a)
date: 07.22.2002
Excellent site et surtout, excellents mixs. J'aime particulièrement la série "Trancefloor".
Lâchez pas votre bon travail!
name: Acid
date: 07.20.2002
Make for NRG you guys ROCK!!!
name: TRANSena
firstname: Sena
date: 07.18.2002
Your mixes are the BOMB! I love the goa mixes up here, GREAAAT STUFF!
name: Gouryella
firstname: devil
email: trancefuture(a)
date: 07.10.2002
name: Robbe
firstname: De Pauw
email: Robbe17(a)hotmil
date: 07.01.2002
it's ok , i've found it!
Good Site!!!!
name: Robbe
firstname: De pauw
email: Robbe17(a)
date: 06.30.2002
Who know how i can convert ogg to mp3?
thnx a lot
name: Imre
firstname: Imre or ImI
email: musictoad(a)
date: 06.21.2002
Hi , MrCam...Stef

I am new to your site, busy looking to see wgat i can download. I am sorry because I can not download *.mp3
file here because the firewall at my work blocks it. I am trying the *.OGG mixes of MrCam.

Stay tuned to this site everybody!
name: Nicogold
email: nicogold(a)
date: 06.12.2002
! Encore un message ca le mérite bien ! le site est nikel, les servers ont de la bande passante et les mixs sont nikels ! franchement exellent et c'est pour ca que je vous fait connaître partout :) japon, suede, usa franchement ya pas photo les enchainements sont trop bien fait et ils en redemandent tous! :) (moi aussi =)
après la ptite vidéo de MRCam on aimerais voir Stef ! :-) allez même si c'est pas une vidéo une ptite photo ?

@+ et bonne continuation les gars !

name: Crok
email: crokmiten3(a)
date: 06.10.2002
Salut, Je suis pas un fan de trance mais qd meme bravo pour votre boulot.
Maintenant stef, jme demande si t meilleur quand tu joues a flf ke kan tu mix :)
A+ et bonne continuation.
name: boby
firstname: vibe
email: ravenbox(a)
date: 06.08.2002
Amazing stuffz can be find here.Play them loud or don't play them at all...
name: Patrick, Tolosa, Occitania
email: ccz(a)
date: 05.31.2002
Mieux que Digitally Imported !!!
Félicitations pour vos mixs trance fabuleux (surtout ceux de Stef!;-) ) !!!
Cela fait des mois que je conseille votre site à des amateurs de bonne trance comme moi, et ils sont espantés à chaque fois !!
N'hésitez pas à me contacter, j'ai plein de bonne choses dans le genre car à Toulouse, on écoute la Trance, et c'est 100000000 fois mieux que le rap pourri qui ressemble à rien !!!
Si je passe par Tours, je vous ferai un petit coucou....
A bientôt et mixez nous encore et encore car on A-DO-RE !!!!!!
Avec vous la Trance prend toute sa dimension et sa raison d'être !
Soyez fiers d'avoir indirectement particpé à l'animation de soirées mémorables !!!! ;-))))
Vous êtes top top top !!! restez le !!! ;-))))
Patrick, de Toulouse (là ou ça bouge!)
firstname: zak
email: jeezak(a)
date: 05.25.2002
vos morceaux sont excellents... bonne continuation :)
à bientot sur FLF stef
name: fishead
email: info(a)
date: 05.06.2002
a very joyous place to reach via tranceaddict - especially 'cause it is a great thing not to be banned from the trance-loving-community as a mac-user by those ... unlikely file formats - ok, ok wmp and real player are also available for the mac but...who needs div. file formats when the only really useful file-format besides .aiff/.wav (real audio-files) is mp3...
your huge collection of soundfiles is a generous offering - thank you so much...
and I've nothing to complain about your servers it worked pretty well - since I got me all of your mixes besides working today and on friday...
I guess 'cause it seems to be a web-only-thing it is not really worth mentioning and I don't mean anything bad - but the grafical-artwork (covers) could be better (in my opinion)

best regards and take care
(and obviously - keep on 4ever)
name: Frost
firstname: Frost
email: frost(a)
date: 05.02.2002
Cool sets, maybe links xchange?
name: PapaHotel
email: asfmaster(a)
date: 05.01.2002
Merci, after long silence, it was a pleasure to find TRANSFLOOR RED, an amazing mix. You will fill the next month my Car CD player.
name: Moon
firstname: Manu
email: livesets_moon(a)
date: 04.23.2002
bravo pour votre site , bon remix en tout cas
name: Tarzan
firstname: Kojac
date: 04.19.2002
Thanks for the new mix super mix!!!!!!
name: Zugzwang
email: falseprophet(a)
date: 04.18.2002
This site has to rank up there as one of best I've come across.....keep up the good work boyz!
firstname: Oli
email: o.straesser(a)
date: 04.17.2002
Ey Leute nicht schlecht die Seite, da die Musik einfach super ist.
schöne Grüße denn aus Deutschland
name: Animal Mother
firstname: Animal
email: Animal_Mother(a)
date: 04.16.2002
I Love Trance,I love This Page

Animal Mother
name: .PaKud
firstname: Paul
email: kudzia(a)
date: 04.12.2002
gr8 site, gr8 music
name: Pif paf pof
date: 03.23.2002
Grandiose :)
J'adore ce site qui a longtemps fait partie de mes bookmarks (que j'ai enfin reussi a retrouver dernierement). Vos mixs sont franchement top continuez comme ça ce que vous faites est vraiment tres sympa et vos references musicales sont tres bonnes :)
Je vais m'empresser d'aller downloader les quelques mixs que je n'ai pas ... pendant ce temps au boulot les mecs on en redemande des mix comme ça :)
firstname: Roland
email: Roland(a)
date: 03.20.2002
i love this page. there's nothing you could do better. everthing is perfect. i have never seen such a great trance site. you are the best!!! best wishes

name: field
firstname: ferry
email: trancefreak01(a)
date: 03.20.2002
you are the best no words for it
name: ntz
firstname: ze'ev
date: 03.13.2002
Your mixes are fantastique! Merci beaucoup!

(cue lists would be nice for splitting tracks!)
name: the funk
email: mail(a)
date: 03.11.2002
this one of the best - thanks for this music
name: Psilaj
email: trancemaster(a)
date: 03.07.2002
Your site is the BEST in the world!
The Goacidia-2 is my favourite album!!!
It's very good!!!
name: Baas
firstname: Hugo
email: t_pruyssers(a)
date: 02.15.2002
Hey, cool site: i really was searching for some real GOA!!!
Only one thing: i need some more cue/toc files to cut the mp3's in pieces.
Maybe that can be arranged?
name: Marin
firstname: Martin
date: 02.13.2002
From Goa to Ambient - you bring superbe mixes. Big respect and I hope you go on like this!
name: dedsi
date: 01.31.2002
Hey. Is something wrong with your server? I mean, I'm downloading in 2.2 kb/s and I have a fast connection so something is really wrong.
Just wanted to check

-!- hummm, okay, no email, no website... how could I answer. You're right! Trance is a passion for us and we do the maximum to offer the best of ourselves including our technical (limited) services. Sorry for the convenient... we apologize. Just give us a better Internet access :) -- MrCam -!-
name: darkmen
email: darkmen(a)
date: 01.31.2002
Stef and MrCam rulezzzz :)
name: slayMAN
email: slaymanbouslayman(a)
date: 01.30.2002
wow!! a true trance site!!
I always lookes for mixes on the net but nothing seemed to be of interest to me than yours...This is the first time I experience Goa (where I live there's no such thing!!)...
Keep up the good (X-C-Lent) work!! and keep updating...
A new friend,
Sleiman aka slayMAN
firstname: Primary
email: reimo(a)
date: 01.26.2002
everything is just fine
name: DawnRazoR
firstname: Dr.Z.
email: drz(a)
date: 01.11.2002
I'm amazed at the Mindfeeling mixes. Excellent work, here in germany is it heavy to find verygood stuff like these. Please keep the mixes coming... Thanks anyway... ;)
name: D*o*C
email: Dr.Juice(a)
date: 01.05.2002
name: the real koto still alive
firstname: koto
email: a.maiola(a)
date: 12.28.2001
Happy new Year to all Guys in this Fantastic web site !!!! and......Many thanks to all Guys
that helped Anfrando Maiola the real Koto!!!!!.
without Mr Internet the HISTORY OF the real Koto could result unknown .
and see the cool koto friends -fans site
best wishes.....Anfrando Maiola.
name: max
email: arkaon(a)
date: 12.27.2001
grazie di esistere, il sito è fantastico, la musica è divina, vi adoro. GRAZIE
name: Trancefreak
firstname: Dennis
date: 12.19.2001
This is sooooo fucking good stuff.Sorry for these words but please go on with this very good trance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And don´t stop MR.CAM..

A friend from Holland.
name: Titikn@r
firstname: KiKi
date: 12.18.2001
Alors là chapeau MR CAM... tu pouvais pas me faire plus plaisir qu'avec ton dernier mix... c'est le meilleur du site : que des morceaux Goa que j'adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Un véritable best of !!! Merci, je l'ai pas encore écouter mais j'imagine qu'il doit tout déchirer. La playlist est impressionnante !!!
name: Jonny
firstname: Jonny
email: JonnyDeyo(a)
date: 11.18.2001
I would just like to say that I'm amazed at the Mindfeeling mix. WOW! Excellent work Mr.Cam. This is true trance. The track selection couldn't be any better. I love how you went from I Feel Love to the Depeche Mode cover. I can't say enough about this mix.
Please keep the mixes coming guys, this is the best trance I've heard anywhere!
name: Hellspawn
firstname: Hell
email: Hellspawn690(a)
date: 11.14.2001
Ok guys. Listen up. I'm dutch. Here in holland it is very hard to get goa-trance these days. The last goa cd i've seen was about a year ago. So tonight as i was taking a hike on the internet :) i stumbled on your site. I took a look and saw....GOA-TRANCE!!! Si i'm downing three mixes at this very moment. I must say the playlists look impressive. Then i have a question for you. Is it perhaps possible to give you guys a list with my all time favorites, you take a look at it, and perhaps make a nice mix of it ? :D Well, probably a long shot but still.... Anyway, thnx for a magnificent site and keep up the good work!!!! GOA-TRANCE RULEZZZZZZ!!!!
name: PuLsE
firstname: PuLsE
email: pulsedriver(a)
date: 11.09.2001
The mixes are fantastic!!!!! Tranceflor green and blue rule! This is real quality trance!! So keep updating!!
name: Titik
firstname: Titik
email: none
date: 11.05.2001
Mr Cam bravo pour ton nouveau mix, il est superbe :)
name: Mendoza
firstname: Victor
email: f.mendoza(a)
date: 11.03.2001
I have listen to Mindfeeling. Some of the tracks are really good to put on a party or a club. I love the the part on the 35-40 min play God is the dj this is my church!! I like sounds surrounding this song much like a dark goa trance an of course progressive. This what keeps people dancing on a marathon afterhours club, and they wonder who is the dj.
name: PapaHotel
date: 11.01.2001
Great mixes I have them all. Except the Goa stuff would wish Stef is doing more non goa stuff. Looking forward to the next one.
firstname: MAO
email: bigthundermao(a)
date: 10.31.2001
Mat on s'est connu à MTL avec Laur... j'ai telechargé des morceaux par ce trouvé le boulot que t'as fait genial....écrit moi si tu peux!!! Salut!!!!
name: D*o*C
firstname: Lars
email: Dr.Juice(a)
date: 10.25.2001
The Site is very good, but the Links are down...!!! :-( Why...???
ICQ: 65589816

-!- only sometimes down... -- MrCam -!-
name: damoZ
firstname: Patrick
email: d4m0z(a)
date: 10.23.2001
nice site and tracks misty :]
incroyable ;D
name: Neauport
firstname: Romain le Teckno-Grunge
email: tkgrunge(a)
date: 10.23.2001
Love Trance, love your website !!!
the Free Trance for a better world
name: loga
firstname: Lorinczi
email: loga103(a)
date: 10.23.2001
After dj Tiesto ,you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
name: Empello
firstname: Empello
email: empello(a)
date: 10.21.2001
great work, keep going on!!.....:))
(I can't wait for your next music to come)
name: ORBI
email: orbi(a)
date: 10.21.2001
Végre egy KIBASZOTT KURVA JÓ oldal. Erre vártam egész életmben.
Csak igy tovább.

-!- please, write into french/english/german/spanish... and stay correct! -- MrCam -!-
name: kilroy
firstname: kilroy326
email: kilroy326(a)
date: 10.20.2001
Cool site! Cool trance traxs. :)
name: darkmen
firstname: darkmen
email: darkmen(a)
date: 10.18.2001
Wow!!!! Forget The Rain by MrCam rulezzzzzz :) Thx for great mixes!!
name: pedda
email: windelscheisser(a)
date: 10.18.2001
is a great site!!!!!!!!! ;-)
name: Nicogold
email: nicogold(a)
date: 10.11.2001
Hello ! vraiment très très bons mixs !!! félicitations,
en plus mixs gratuits, vraiment bon boulot continuez comme ca ! :)
name: Delirium
firstname: Joakim Søraa
email: Joakimsoeraa(a)
website: Under construktion :)
date: 10.11.2001
This music is enchanting, I'm sorry to say that you guys have cought my ears and im now completly blown away by the best music ever! For crying out loud, i can't consentrate without the music. :D I'm having a friend to download all of your cd's! Even though i'm going to check in on your cite everyday, could you email me when a new cd comes out? thnx!
email: ludringersami(a)
date: 10.07.2001
tout le monde est unanime c'est de l'excellence par defaut d'autre superrelatif, en bref j'adore et je repasserai par la pour d'autre telechargement.

ps: je suis tres etonné (agreablement) de voir que dans ma ville, il y a de super mixer, un manceaux voué a votre cause.
name: X-Multiply
firstname: Mike
email: michaelwadel(a)
date: 10.05.2001
Stef!!! WTF?? Unbelievable people!! This guy is incredible to say the least!! Stef you have that special ability that sets you apart. If you went into DJing fulltime, you will be on top within no time at all. Your mixing skills are incredible but what really blows me away is your track selection. You have a golden ear for what sounds good. I highly suggest to anyone that has not already listened to both of the Trancefloors to do so. Also Electro Magnetic and Mental Voices will make you cry tears of joy!! The greatest thanks to the Trance4eveR team!! Amazing!!
name: xxvision
date: 10.01.2001
it´s a fantastic site!!!
goa-music is wonderful!!!
more from natural phenomena.

name: hyZteric
email: not(a)
date: 10.01.2001
Ca a l'air pas mal du tout, j'ai téléchargé 1.5go de mp3 de votre site (vive l'adsl et getright), j'écoute TranceFloor Blue et c'est cool.
Je trouve que ce site manque d'infos sur vous les auteurs. Des photos c'est toujours marrant, et puis expliquer un peu ce que vous faites exactement, si ce site est un hobby, si vous voulez devenir pro (si c'est pas déjà le cas), d'où viennent ces mix etc...

Puis un message à ceux qui disent que la france c'est le pays de la trance, ca rime mais bon, malgré que je soit belge, ca reste les hollandais les meilleurs pour ca...

Je conseille en tout cas à tous le site qui héberge quelques tres bon mix même si la qualité n'est pas toujours 100% (entendez la qualité du son, pas de la musique)

hyZteric from Belgium
name: Romu
email: romu21(a)
date: 09.30.2001
Salut les mecs,
Juste pour dire que les mixs valent largement le coup, ils sont tout bonnement excellents !!!!! Continuez à nous faire vibrer et à nous faire danser comme vous svez si bien le faire !!!!
@ +
name: El Cid
email: el_cid15(a)
date: 09.29.2001
Thx u for a greeeeat site. Keep up the good work... Your mixes are the best!!!
name: Joshua Flores
firstname: Josh
email: josh1234(a)
date: 09.23.2001
I just wanted to say thanks for yet again sending me to a place unknown with your mixes. Tiesto and Ferry Corsten have nothing on you guys. I am creating a link to your page as I speak!
name: Tanktarta
firstname: Magicthize
email: tanktarta_magicthize(a)
date: 09.18.2001
These MP3's will never leave my side ...
name: nexxai
email: trypn0tik(a)
date: 09.11.2001
Hey guys. Just stumbled upon your site tonight. Already grabbed both Trancefloors, and if they're any indication, I will be DEFINITELY grabbing more.

Keep up the good work. :)
name: Wax
firstname: Robert
email: wax50(a)
date: 09.08.2001
Fantastic stuff. Dj Stef mixes are great.
Keep it going.
name: Arckam
email: Arckam01(a)
date: 09.08.2001
hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (je parle pas j'écoute ca cartonne :o) )
name: Macarmy
email: eyeoftrue(a)
date: 08.30.2001
Méga félicitations !!! Mix vraiment trop cool Stéph tes mixs trancefloor blue et green sont EXELLENT !! mille merci pour ces fabuleux mixs !!!!!
name: PapaHotel
email: asfmaster(a)
date: 08.19.2001
Congrats to your amazing sounds. Would wish a mental voices 2. My favorite.
Conitnue to work
name: rihumaster
date: 08.17.2001
this is goooooooooood

Stef-Natural_Phenomena.mp3 the start of this mix
brought to nirvana
name: Titik'
firstname: Nope
email: titiknar(a)
date: 08.17.2001
Salut a tous les deux !!

J'ai été un peu décu par Goacidia Stef... le mix et le choix des morceaux ne sont pas réellement mauvais mais je m'attendais a du son un peu plus old school... style cyber trance tu vois ;)))

J'espere que les prochains se rapprocheront de ca... malgré tout je conseille vivement ce mix qui déchire quand même bien.

@+ Titik'
name: mOOlEy
date: 08.17.2001
hey people,

congrats to your first year! keep up the good work and spread the music! :)

Trance Gate - your Navigator to Trance
name: ash
email: ash(a)
date: 08.15.2001
un peu dla balle ce site
keep doing

j'avais oublié de préciser: ki est-ce qu 'on trouve a la base de ce site ? des français :) (comme quoi la france c un peu le pays de la trance)
name: WoNDERHoG
date: 08.14.2001
Yeahh..! keep it pounding guys !
name: g.......
firstname: jeremie
email: mrbonsoir(a)
date: 08.07.2001
cool votre site, j'aime mieux cette couleur que celle des premiers jours, special bonjour a Mathieu ;)
name: WiLDSiDE
firstname: Denis
email: wild2side(a)
date: 08.05.2001
its me again.. i thought i might add that the Trancefloor Blue set is truly amazing also. Any trance lover will melt away by every track. And im not even kiddin. Some of these are soo good it gives me shivers down my spine. If you dont get it, yu might as well write "dumbass" on ur forehead.
name: WiLDSiDE
firstname: denis
email: wil2side(a)
date: 08.05.2001
yu guys are f'kin wikkid.. i just heard Stef's Natural Phenomena and it kicks ass.. yu guys are the first dj's to use Jaia in a set. i couldnt beleive it when i heard it i almost creamed in my pants. Mr. Cams Down Dreamin 3rd movement is pretty sick too. Gets better once u pass the half point. Now im off to listen to the rest. Keep up the good stuff. Peace
name: Oakley
email: -(a)
date: 08.03.2001
Super ton site Misty a toi et ton pote j'ecoute la zic la
+++ Oakley
name: Tango
date: 08.02.2001
De la bombe ! bravo les mecs, c'est de l'or que l'on peut DL depuis votre site, merci et continuez comme ça !!
name: ExTendO
email: extendo(a)
website: When i get around to it
date: 07.24.2001
All songz are exellent listening to cool soundz
Keep you the great work for the world to hear and share.. Later
name: V.I.N.C.E.
website: nope
date: 07.22.2001
from belgium
name: kai
email: thedeepblue(a)
date: 07.17.2001
wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great mixes of dj.stef - the songs putted in his mixes are MARVELOUS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jesus!!! every song is a great trance hit!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay cool! as always the best!!!!!!!
name: Hollenberg
firstname: Stontium
email: phys2b(a)
date: 07.13.2001
AWESOME Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!
firstname: ellen
email: bk239913(a)
date: 07.13.2001
cool mixes,please go on like this
name: Ditch
email: bk232988(a)
date: 07.09.2001
Avec l'ADSL, c'est génial, superbe, fantastique,...
Jamais tombé sur un site pareil.
Félicitations et continuez comme ça.
name: -([DLS])-bEEklou-~
email: bclaw(a)altern,.org
date: 07.08.2001
Pt1, Pt1, Pt1 !!!!! Ca faisait trop longtemps que j'avais pas entendu ca!!
J'sui Uzé, peinde de Mort a vie !!! Encore :)
name: Dj Pigeon
firstname: Dan
email: dwnpigeon(a)
date: 06.17.2001
Great site guys! I love trance, and the trance you guys spin is pretty sweet.
You can contact me on AOL Instant Messenger, Screen Name: dwnpigeon
name: frank
date: 06.03.2001
hey keep up the good work really like those mixes
name: kaya
date: 05.31.2001
Very nice site! Congratulations guys!!
The mixes are the best part of the site! Keep up the good work ad u ll see thousands coming here!:)
name: Steve
date: 05.28.2001
Ace... the mixes are the "Dogs Dangerly Bits" cant wait to see what else you both come up with
name: royal
firstname: mick
email: mr_underhill(a)
date: 05.27.2001
Hi very fast site u have i have large collection of gemini cds with covers on ftp site will give you account if you like.....
name: Aeissing
firstname: Angelo
email: angelo52(a)
date: 05.26.2001
Hi DJs Stef&MrCam your mixes are coooolio ferry good go ahead so mab.
more Greetings from Angelo a Trancer from Holland
name: Vander Douche
firstname: Pieter
email: doesp(a)
date: 05.14.2001
Wow Stef your mix "Trancefloor" really rocks da house! Cool classics like Veracocha-Carteblanche and Agnelli&Nelson track.
I really recommend this one to everybody! Thanks guys!
name: Bzh22
firstname: Bruno
email: bruno22bzh(a)
date: 05.13.2001
Superbe mix "Trancefloor" sans oublier les autres
Encore merci pour cette TRANCE
name: Simp
firstname: Homi
email: morphium.phase(a)
date: 05.05.2001
Cool page and very nice mixs. maybe we
could change links?
name: Phe
firstname: PIerre
email: phe(a)
date: 05.01.2001
Trancefloor...This one really rocks. Keeep up the good work -:))
name: -( @ET )-
firstname: @ET
email: le_riton(a)
date: 05.01.2001
...vive la France...heu pardon.....vive la Trance |o)
firstname: Gen-I
email: intellecticide(a)
date: 04.30.2001
Ayoille , eh beh mon estie c est d la tabarouette de bonne toune toute ca lo
aouaille lachez po pis moi t dire lo: Stef tu l as l affaère, 2 mixs en une semaine c de l ostie de rendement ...
tk c good en sacrament vos gogoss
(ouf c est presque penible de parler en paléonto-francais, un gros merci a ti-Thieu de nous avoir initié à la trance :)
name: Peters
firstname: Chris
email: chuckysdream(a)
date: 04.16.2001
Hi Guys!
I wanna thank you for this great Web-Site. The Mixes are so wonderful, and i hope the site is never shut down.
name: Yalcin
firstname: Barkin
email: barkiny(a)
date: 04.16.2001
1st movement and trip to spain is great
2 nd movement is a bit hard and "dont give up is not my type"
i have just downloaded the 3 rd movement and mental voices. it sound good at first hearing
the intro of mental voices is...:)
i am afraid of downloading your "goas"
i hope it is cool
but you are good at "club and dream"
keep going
name: H@rD[RaVa]
date: 04.08.2001
re salut tlm ! ctè juste pour savoir c quand ke trip to spain va etre en un morceau?
en tout cas, c vraiment bon votre stuff !! keep it up, peace
name: JUNE75
email: trance75(a)
date: 03.12.2001
Hi~~Trance Artist staf and mrcam.
Music of you field nem listened to. thu the trance of former Korea ties
Oh with the director will use thu in the future rolls up well tus the bedspread which wants.
in the future good music plentifully to inform, route......
Late but new year luck it receives plentifully the bedspread
name: Sven
date: 03.08.2001
Hi guys, very gread mixes. i like your dream & club style, so give up some more dream & club mixes.
i´m pleased for your next dream stuff - let´s trance4ever :-) sven, austria
name: Titiknar
email: maxant.joel(a)
date: 03.07.2001
Hum ... bravo stef pour tes mixes qui sont tous excellents !!!!
Je vois que depuis que tu fais dans la goa ya plus de message (et donc plus de monde sur le site ?)

a+++ les gars
name: Taha
firstname: Berrada
email: dalnet(a)
date: 03.07.2001
Un gros bravo a vous deux , surtout a Mathieu.En passant je suis le "petit" frére a Gen-I (Tarik)
name: tranceFace
firstname: Steve
email: tranceface(a)
date: 03.06.2001
Stunning mixing quality and track selection in your livesets. Excellent remix ability. Great work guys! Keep it up!

Peace from tranceFace
name: tranceFace
email: tranceface(a)
date: 03.01.2001
Top-notch mixing and track selection in your mixes...very well done! Thanks for your great site!

Peace, tranceFace
name: s0mik
firstname: Wint3rMutE
email: ei08944(a)
website: mmm ... at work ;p
date: 02.21.2001
Who needs Van Dyk, Oaky, Sasha, Tiesto and others having Stef & MrCam ?!
The best tr4nc3 mixes ever! Excellent w0rk.. no words ;_)
name: Bazou
email: rusemasque(a)
date: 02.16.2001
Un gros bravo à mrcam... ses mix down dreaming sont excellents! Mon meilleur à date!

Keep up the good work!
name: Telemakko
firstname: Sergio
email: telemakko(a)
date: 01.31.2001
Hi ! A great site , congratulations !
name: JahWorks
firstname: Fabio
email: jaia(a)
website: none
date: 01.30.2001
Goa trance rulez
You Can Fly :p
name: theBassHound
firstname: Cam
email: basshound(a)
date: 01.08.2001
i have a slow connection....i have dwnloaded every mix on this site...

FARKIN GOOD SHIT these mixes!!!!!!
name: titiknar
date: 12.19.2000
cool le site merci !
name: Talker
email: bezdexod(a)
date: 12.19.2000
still not tired from "Cosmic sounds"
and "Stef-Trance_Summer_2000-Mix1"
who could beleive ?
there is nice gif of dancing raver -
where is the source ?
name: Tuba
firstname: Ronny
email: sjarm_trollet(a)
date: 12.13.2000
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great work guys. You really know what we want. Sell this stuff and make a fortune!
name: nell
firstname: hern
email: nell_18_ph(a)
date: 12.04.2000
hi there
name: Anders
date: 11.28.2000
Greatwork guys!!! Some really nice mixes with the best of the best in Trancemusic... Keep them comming!!!
name: Talker
email: bezdexod(a)
date: 11.13.2000
no words !!
only bunch of positive emotions!
STeFM & mrcam - it IS cool idea to sell
theese mixes :) untill i can get them for free :)
name: H@rD[RaVa]
email: hardrava(a)
date: 11.12.2000
Bon !! Enfin, tk, votre site est bin mieu demême les gars, B-R-A-V-O =)
Ps. Serais tu possible de mettre Trip To Spain en un gros MP3 paske ma devise a moi c : The Bigger the Better =)
Merci, écrivez moi ...

name: Dj Double JJ
firstname: Nich
email: Szurdin(a)
date: 11.10.2000
Hey i just want to say that the mixes that are posted here are incredible sepeciall trip to spain part 4.
You guys should sell these cds cause i would most definetly like to support the great work that you do
name: Hoschi
email: milleniumshoschi(a)
date: 11.02.2000
this mixes are awesome. i leetch tons of mp3z every month, but stefs mixes are one of the best!!!
name: slider
date: 11.01.2000
hi there mrcam. thanks for the chat. i hope u will be sucessful someday
name: slider
firstname: shaun
email: slider_oh(a)
date: 10.31.2000
hi there. im glad we met in the net. so how are u i hope ur doing fine.God bless.
name: Talker
firstname: BuHHu
email: bezdexod(a)
date: 10.29.2000
what a pitty i cant read french :-(
firstname: stephane
email: stef(a)
date: 10.26.2000
Encore des frenchies qui se la petent avec leur site .. m fin bon les gfx sont
sympas et la zik excellente donc "ca roule" ;-)
name: mrcam
email: mrcam(a)
date: 10.25.2000
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